For investing in real estate, RECan has created an umbrella fund (investment via a Luxembourg SCS, SICAV-RAIF structure)—the RECan Canadian Diversified Real Estate Fund SCS, SICAV-RAIF, which is currently divided into two sub-funds.

The fund’s currency is Canadian (CAD), while the term is 10 years per sub-fund, with two renewal options of two years each. The umbrella fund is open ended. The fund currency can be hedged in euros (EUR) or, if desired, in other currencies through one of our partners. If so, the return on investment may be reduced.

The preferred minimum capital commitment is $5 million (CAD), while membership on the Investment Committee starts from $20 million (CAD).Investment in the sub-funds can be completed directly as equity into the fund or indirectly as debt or bond through a securitization note. Investors in the sub-funds are required to be “professional investors” in accordance with the German KAGB.

The asset management of the real estate portfolios is carried out by RECan through PG Asset Management Inc., with local market specialists and on-site property management.



RECan Canadian Commercial Real Estate I

RECan Canadian Multi-Residential Real Estate I


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