RECan Global Group consists of the German investment advisor RECan Global GmbH, the general partner of the RECan Canadian Diversified Real Estate Fund, RECan Global GP Luxembourg S.à r.l., Partners Global and PG Asset Management Inc. headquartered in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada.

Our Expertise

The RECan management team has been working in the real estate market in Canada and Germany/Luxembourg since the mid-1990s. We have extensive experience in investment fund creation and management in the European Union, as well as in asset sourcing, asset management, executive and financial management, leasing, and development/redevelopment processes for commercial real estate in Canada.

We are proud of our over 70 years of combined experience in all facets of real estate asset management. This includes asset sourcing, transaction management, leasing, property management, financial management, budgeting and reporting, capital projects, and development, for both individual assets and portfolios of up to $400 million (CAD).

 Summary of RECan's USP's and advantages for investors


RECan Management Team

Canadian and European Markets

Our considerable connections in all major real estate markets in Canada are a tremendous asset. We have more than 30 years of experience managing over 2,5 million square feet of commercial and multi-residential real estate throughout Canada.

Our well-known EU transactions include the sale and management of GBW Immobilien from Bayerische Landesbank, the sale of the Landesbank Baden-Württemberg residential arm and the privatization of the major residential holdings of Munich RE Group and Gerling Insurance Group,

 RECan Global Track Record

Asset Management

PG Asset Management is the highly experienced partner within the RECan Global team that works with its network of strategic partners to source on-market and off-market transactions. Its representatives will develop legal and tax strategies to help acquire private and family portfolios, as well as explore M&A and joint venture partnership opportunities, either as majority or minority owners.

The asset managers provide real estate owners with strategic long-term oversights of their assets with a goal of maximizing both ROI and asset value. They will also take a portfolio approach to managing the real estate and work to optimize costs and occupancy across the portfolio.