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RECan Global is a German real estate investment advisor focused on helping European institutional investors invest in Canadian real estate.

Market Reports

With the presentation of our Market Update, we address the economic environment, current market data, investment opportunities and perspective developments in Canada.

Canadian Real Estate Market - Update Mid-Year 2023

Tuesday, September 12 at 4:00 p.m. CEST

Here you can find a video recording of the event and the market reports for download as PDF.

Our Vision

Officially formed in the summer of 2020, RECan Global's goal is to provide EU-based institutional investors with a diversified mix of high-quality Canadian commercial and multi-residential real estate in two separated sub-funds. In addition to financial and technical criteria, RECan’s ESG policy will be applied to acquisitions and asset management decisions.

Over the last years, Sven J. Matten and Dr. Bernhard Engelbrecht have been advising institutional investors in the EU and would often hear that there was a lack of opportunities to invest in Canadian real estate through an EU-based investment fund. While these investors were generally interested in the Canadian real estate market, they did not have a great understanding of the size, depth and complexity of the various Canadian real estate markets.

With a desire to provide a viable solution, Sven and Bernhard founded the RECan Group together with their RECan partners David Pappin, as well as Brian Toole, Todd Bechard and Ian Stanley of Partners Global Corporate Real Estate, a full-service real estate firm based in Halifax, NS, Canada, who could provide the necessary experience and market knowledge and successfully manage a portfolio over the investment horizon.

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