The partners of RECan Global are pleased to announce the founding of a new international investment advisory business for real estate investments in Canada. RECan Global GmbH has been incorporated in Germany, with a head office in Munich and its’ Canadian office located in Halifax, Nova Scotia and is currently finalizing an SCS, SICAV-RAIF fund structure in Luxembourg.

RECan Global will focus on providing institutional and professional wealth investors in the EU with the opportunity to invest in a diversified mix of high quality commercial and multi-residential real estate in a number of Canadian markets through a common, Luxembourg-based SCS, SICAV-RAIF fund structure.

RECan has been founded by Dr. Bernhard Engelbrecht and Sven J. Matten in Luxembourg and Germany, along with Canadian partners Todd Bechard, Ian Stanley, and Brian Toole. The RECan partners have been working in the real estate market in Canada and Germany/Luxembourg since the mid-1990s. They have extensive experience in investment fund creation and management in the European Union, as well as in asset sourcing in several Canadian and European markets, asset management, executive and financial management, leasing, and the development/redevelopment processes for commercial and multi-residential real estate in Canada.

Pressrelease 08.12.2020

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