Dr. Jörg Maier-Erbacher

We are proud to announce that Dr. Jörg Maier-Erbacher has joined our advisory board as an additional member.

Dr. Jörg Maier-Erbacher advises RECan on project valuations and pre due diligence assessments.

With over thirty years of real estate management experience, Dr. Jörg Maier-Erbacher is currently working as a real estate advisor. He has a partnership with CGN RE Consulting Group and participates as an advisor on various real estate transactions in Germany.

After starting his real estate career at BASF (1989-1995), Jörg spent twenty-four years as Vice President/Executive Director at the global pharmaceutical company, Boehringer Ingelheim, with facilities in over 130 countries. He successfully developed and implemented their corporate real estate strategy worldwide for the organization. In addition, he had operational responsibility on all German real estate projects, the management of 500 company flats and also supporting the Boehringer Family Office to build a dedicated real estate fund, including all acquisitions. Jörg has worldwide experiences on all kind of real estate transactions, due diligence, town planning, facility management, implementation of workplace strategies and handling of contaminated sites.