“Aging countries pension funds of will go broke unless they invest in the places their own youth are going- wherever that may be”.

(Parag Khanna „Move“ page 75)

This quote is taken from the recent book "MOVE - The Forces Uprooting Us" by best selling author and futurist Parag Khanna. The key message is: Invest where the future lies! People have always been on the move and investment should follow this migration patterns.

The reasons Khanna sees for huge migration flows across continents are many: from demographic imbalances and different speeds of modernization to climate change and redistributing job opportunities.

People will be "on the move," whether by compulsion or by choice, in ways that are hard to imagine.

The same applies geopolitically to capital flows and the development of new investment and sales markets. A rethink with a willingness to reorient future investment decisions seems prudent and inevitable.


Other excerpts from the book :

"Canada has entered the immigration big leagues, taking in almost 350,000 migrants annually (Ed. Note: Canada’s annual immigration exceeded 410,000 in 2021) to add to its 30 million population - a far higher annual percentage than the US. (...) Canada embodies the reality that immigration policy is economic policy" (pages 110 / 111).

"The climate doesn‘t care about political boundries, and people will clamour ever more to overcome them. Climate stress cause migration swells.. The 50 million climate refugees today already outnumber political ones" (page 20).

"If temperatures rise by 4⁰ Celsius, Canada, northern Europe, and Russia would be the only regions of the planet suitable for year-round human habitation" (page 164).


Khanna's view has no less than the "modest" as well as "ambitious" goal of not accepting geography and demography as fate, but to experience them in a co-creative way.

We at RECan were both excited and contemplative by this book, given the current economic and geopolitical changes we are experiencing. At the same time, this visionary as well as time-critical perspective on the enormous challenges we face confirms our philosophy and perspective of seeing Canada as an important investment destination of the future. More about the book and author at: www.paragkhanna.com/move/


 Article - Parag Khanna: Move


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